Ultimate Love Day 4: The Juicy Details From Yesterday’s Love Chat With Aunty

Ultimate Love Day 4: The Juicy Details From Yesterday’s Love Chat With Aunty

Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you all the gist complete with the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

ICYMI, Aunty was in the love pad to chat with the love guests yesterday. It got so juicy, we just had to write about it as promised. Let’s get straight into the details, shall we?

Ultimate Love chat with Aunty

Let’s start with Arnold:

From his conversation with Aunty, we learned that Arnold spent his young adult life in a refugee camp, but that he’s currently based in Lagos and really, really serious about meeting the love of his life here — he’d love to tell his kids he met their mom on reality TV show.

Arnold Ultimate Love chat with Aunty

Then Chris who is super sure she’ll find a man during the show:

Chris revealed that it’s SUPER important to her that she finds a man on this show and she’s quite positive it’s going to happen. Her mum doesn’t pressure her about marriage, but when her mum is praying, she cries and hope Chris finds a man soon.

Chris Ultimate Love chat with aunty

Kachi is here to get his ultimate “missing rib” – his words, not mine.

He grew up with his uncle, a knight, whom he really looked up to. As usual, he talked about his business. Given he’s been going on and on about the scar fading cream he sells, it’s a surprise he didn’t talk to Aunty about it.

Me, genuinely shocked.

Kachi Ultimate love love chat with aunty

Theresa on her worries about making the wrong choice:

Theresa might be the youngest in the house, but she is ready to show someone to her parents this year. Her bosses at work encouraged her to audition for the show so that she can stop bashing men on her WhatsApp statuses.

Whatever Theresa has accused men of doing, they did it. Periodt.

She’s confused as to who to pick because some of the men are quite straight forward with her, and she’s worried that she won’t select the person who selects her back. Hmmmm, Iyke, you are in my prayers. Hottest babe in the pad might not pick you oh.

Theresa Ultimate Love chat with aunty

Obichukwu caught his ex in bed with another man on his way to surprise her. Surprise jam surprise.

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Not so surprisingly though, Obichukwu is a mummy’s boy; he wouldn’t be at the Love Pad if mummy didn’t agree to it.

He’s here because he’s ready to give love another chance and to start having kids. It be the human specie that don’t have to carry another human or two in their stomach that’s always ready to start having kids. Abeg.

 Worth noting though, sex before marriage issa no from him.

Obichukwu Ultimate love chat with aunty

Ebi, Ebi, Ebi…. Hmmm

This was quite an emotional chat. She has some deep daddy issues, and she’s quite sad because she’s unmarried without kids.

Girl, relax, you’re just 26 — well, unless she gave us football age sha.

Ebi used to hate men because of the way her dad treated her mum. Throughout the chat with Aunty, she was really open. She told her that she worried no one would be interested in marrying her and about her self-esteem issues. She’s willing to work on it, as she’s really looking for a man to love her.

Deadbeat dads, do better abeg. I’m really hoping she ends up with a patient and understanding partner.

Ebi ultimate love chat with aunty

Louis believes love is a tree…

… with different fruits. His favourite fruits from the tree of love are mutual respect and understanding, as he believes that’s the foundation for a lot of things.

He’s a Gemini who’s really into horoscope. He’s been single for over a year, and he’s going into this relationship with a business mindset. He’s ready to get married, and he’s pretty certain his job can pay the bills.

Come through, awon eyan Dangote.

He met Dangote’s daughter to discuss business for real, so I mean this literally and figuratively.

Louis Ultimate love chat with aunty

Let’s talk about sharp girl, Bolanle.

Bolanle’s last boyfriend was an Uber driver she met when she booked his ride, but the relationship ended because they had issues with communication. Because she’s lost two of her cousins to the sickle cell disease, she’s always quick to ask her prospective partners their genotype. She’s so full of life and I love hearing her talk. She grew up in Mushin with 12 siblings. Because she’s from a polygamous background, she really wants a small close knit family. We have no choice but to stan a woman who knows what she wants.

Bolanle, ultimate love chat with aunty

I really enjoyed Aunty’s chat with them, especially because we finally get to know their lives before the show. Aunty will be back in the house later this evening to chat with the remaining Love Guests, and Koko will be bringing you more juice.

Every day at 5 pm, we’ll publish a new update on this show – complete with the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

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