Ultimate Love Day 6: Limited Resources Dey Cause Nonsense For Love Pad

Ultimate Love Day 6: Limited Resources Dey Cause Nonsense For Love Pad

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People like Chris and Bolanle are very serious about getting married but their spec is not available. Managing because of limited resources is beginning to take its toll on them. Poor girls. Same goes for Rosie, trying to decide on who to be with, amongst two men that aren’t exactly her spec. My tired is tired. She seems to have settled for David though; may the forces be with her.

If they really want a marriage, or at least a solid relationship out of this, even their genotypes should have been taken into consideration. I expected the people who selected them to pay more attention to this to make it easier for them to pair. We know the dating scene is murky, but biko help these people. 

Love pad issa hot mess right now:

Yesterday, we told you that four new love guests came to the love pad. Sylvia, one of the new people complained about how her date for the night, Jay, paid more attention to Nkechi. Lmao madam relax small, the ones you met in the house, have they secured bae?  Relax and face what’s facing you.

Even fine girl Nkechi is doing too much to stay with Jay that’s giving off controlling vibes. May it not be well with limited resources, abeg! 

Everyone in that house is in a state of confusion. 

Too much mess is going on in that house right now, and it may seem as though, we need another station so we can keep up with everything. 

Local woman can’t get all the information she needs via one station. 

After six day, what’s the verdict?

It seems as though most of them can’t even remember it’s love they came here to hunt for.  See, by the time Aunty is done pairing these people on Sunday, they’ll forget what brought them to the house and start playing this game like it’s meant to be played. 

Except for Theresa and Iyke who are working overtime to convince us that they are the perfect couple, others can’t seem to make up their minds on who they want. Rosie swears she’s serious about finding husband, but she spends more time talking about other people’s situation-ship. 

Be there doing gbeborun, let another babe snatch David from you, you hear? Don’t go and mind your calabash.

Meanwhile, Ebi keeps announcing this “I’m leaving I’m leaving” that one is looking for who to leave with. Madam be going if you want to go. 

The game is the game

Ebitenye used “I’m vulnerable, I’m weak’ to snatch Obi from Chris. LMAO this is funny because i could have sworn Chris said Ebi is like her younger sister. Chris sweetie, this life is per head, and your siblings are at home. you can’t be starting another family tree when everyone around you is looking for man to kolobi. Pele my dear.

What’s with men and needing a submissive wife?

Meanwhile, Arnold was in one corner asking Bolanle if she’s submissive, while booking appointment for later with Nkechi. Yoruba demon doing what they do know how to do best. Why is he even looking a submissive partner? Correct red flag.

Any man who tells you you’re his second option issa no.

Louis won’t stop telling Jenny that’s she’s his second option; I don’t think anyone wants to keep hearing that they’re a fall back plan. Jenny has 3 options, and I genuinely hope Louis is her 3rd option. Nonsense.

Dropping out of school to find love???

Lmaooo then there’s Sylvia, a final year student that left school to find love. The only thing I left school to find as an undergraduate was Amala. Amala White House. 

How soon is too soon to know you’re in love?

Again, Iyke and Theresa are really trying to convince us that they’re madly in love with each other, after spending 6 days together? Lmaoooo wetin Cardi B no go see for Ghana. ‬Iyke sha wants to convince the world that he’s the next best thing after shawarma with double sausages. Okay.

That said, the show is the show…

Whether it’s by snatching someone else’s partner or connecting via Bluetooth, they all want to be paired up. Agenda must sha agend. Aunty will need to hurry up with her pairings and save us from the gymnastics these people are doing, just to pick the right man or woman. ‬

I’ll leave you with this quote that’s been ringing in my head since.

– “Na limited resources dey cause nonsense.” – Tobi Bakre, 2018.

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