Ultimate Love Day 8 Recap: All The Tea From Yesterday’s Pairing

Ultimate Love Day 8 Recap: All The Tea From Yesterday’s Pairing

Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you all the gist complete with the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

We told you that yesterday, the love guests were getting paired by Aunty. We also gave you some predictions. Well, she finally came through with the list and it wasn’t without drama. When I say she didn’t pair them with her church mind, I’m not lying.

Six love guests didn’t have partners. They are: Chris, Jerry, Sylvia, Uche, Kachi, and Rosie. They had the option of either helping themselves out, or leaving the Love Pad voluntarily. They all chose the former.

Let’s get into the pairings shall we:

Bolanle and Arnold (Bolar). 

Mixed feelings about this couple. Bolanle likes Arnold for real, but you see that Arnold ehn? He thinks he’s here to play a game just to win money and become popular. He told Bolanle they have to play the game well, and my girl wasn’t having it. She made it clear to him that she was here for love, not to play a game! Sigh!

Iyke and Theresa (IykeResa)

I think their families should meet while they’re in the house, to speed up the marriage process. These ones are ready to love up till their names are on that check! 

Nkechi and Jay (JayKech): 

A bland couple, if you ask me. Nkechi and Jerry had all the sauce but Jay threatening to leave if he doesn’t get paired with his choice did a number on Nkechi. 

Jerry and Sylvia (Jervia). 

They have tried so hard to connect but, e no gel.  It’s like Jerry just can’t understand why a 23-year-old will leave school in her final year to look for love. They’re both trying; fingers crossed on this one.

Micheal and Cherry (MiCherry).

Remember cheerful Cherry? The one that doesn’t like men with bad temper? She quickly told her man that she’s not here for games, this is serious business and he needs to step up. Micheal has stepped up, and we’ve been getting some “awwwwnn” moments.  

David and Presh: (PreshDavid):

Presh successfully got her man back from Rosie sha. I have to stan. Now, both can continue their relationship from where they stopped. Rosie is heartbroken, but she will be fine.

 Kachi And Rosie (Roksie):

Rosie found her way back to Kachi. She spent the better part of her night pacing, meditating and drinking tea. She even removed her picture that was beside David’s own. I still can’t believe a week old situationship got Rosie so fucked up, but love is a bastard. Even Kachi too doesn’t like to be a second option. Sorry to this couple. 

Obi and Ebi (ObiEbi):

Obi must think he’s Daddy GO and Ebi is Mummy GO, because why was this guy saying no kissing, no touching, no cuddling. Are we here to play? Or did he not know that this show is rated 18+? Anyway, Ebi fasted and prayed for this, I’ll leave her to carry her cross. 

Chris and Uche (ChrisUch):

A moment of silence for how Chris was badly embarrassed on the live show. Remember how I said Chris and Uche were two of six people who were not paired? Well Uche and Chris decided to be in a “convenient-ship” and this didn’t go too well because after a while, Uche decided that he wanted to check out. But this was not possible as the time to check out had elapsed. They’re not even making any effort to bond, and that’s Uche’s fault, tbh. 

JennyKoko and Louis (Jelo): 

Jenny is used to dating men who are very much older than her, but she’s willing to give this change a chance. Louis has been a good sport, so maybe they can be the Ultimate Couple?


Each couple had to openly nominate two couples they’d love to see leave the house, and the three couples with the highest number of nominations are automatically up for possible elimination at the next Live Show..

  1. ChrisUch – Seven Nominations
  2. Jervia – Six Nominations
  3. PreshDavid – Five Nominations
  4. Micherry – One Nomination
  5. Obiebi – One Nomination

David was caught in his web of lies:

David insisted that he didn’t pick Presh as his first choice, but Aunty pulled through and dropped the list for all to see. He actually did pick Presh as his first choice, and vice versa. Then Presh trying to act like she didn’t encourage him to drop Rosie so that they could continue from where they stopped before entering the Love Pad? Sis please.

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